Julian Lion Boxenbaum

Co-Founder and Executive Producer @ LucidNYC

Julian Lion Boxenbaum is an award winning, patent holding, product designer and strategist with a history of developing innovative products, concepts, and system solutions. Through his firm, BUZstudios and beyond, he’s worked with individuals, start-ups, and multinational brands applying a trans-disciplinary skill-set towards identifying latent needs and opportunities¬†which address the desires of end users and goals of clients through¬†new products, strategies, and user experiences.

Julian is also the Co-Founder and Executive Producer of LucidNYC a popular salon series at the forefront of identifying and showcasing emerging innovators and thought leaders, across all disciplines. Lucid’s success is validated by a dedicated and vibrant community of thousands of influencers and its having been a public launching point for new projects for over 100 visionary speakers since 2009. Some notable examples are; Jonathan Batiste, 2012, Bandleader for Late Night With Stephen Colbert; Jonah Peretti, 2009, Founder of Buzzfeed; and Ayah B’deir, 2013, Founder of Littlebits.