Natalie Geld

CEO @ MEDNeuro Media

CEO of MEDNeuro Media, and producer / director of The Feeling Brain: Exploring the Neural Basis of Emotion series, Natalie Geld plans to evolve systems of great influence. She cares deeply about translating important information that can improve the quality of our lives.

She is author of Sensual Intelligence: An Introduction to Your Body’s Language, and co-author of an upcoming book by Oxford University Press about one of the most interactive structures in the universe – our brain, and the story of the explosion of discoveries in consciousness science these past 15 years. She is co-founder of the Society for Mind Brain Sciences, and has been actualizing vivid human potential for over 25 years with literary organizations, learning institutes, individuals, and professional communities. Nat’s known to rogue about asking, “Why do we feel this way?” and “How can we evolve?”